Hiroshi Sugimoto

“To me photography functions as a fossilization of time”, Hiroshi stated in his video. From this statement I take he views photography as a way of taking a still of time but using photographic properties and elements to change a certain view or interpretation of what is being represented in the photograph. I agree with Sugimoto’s statement and his passion for his craft. He not only puts the photographs into his creative process but also how they will be displayed. He took different series of pictures each having a common value but they all came together with a common flow creating a beautiful presentation. The photos of architecture are blurry to fold the wrinkles of ancient architecture that may not be as beautiful as they were when first constructed. By doing this he is preserving the image of the architecture, setting a mood to the audience, and creating suspense and interest into his photos which takes the attention off of the time period when the structure was built and puts shine on the photograph and its identity.


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